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Experienced Alternative Medicine Doctor Offers Health Coaching

Reaching optimal health requires a combination of several wellness disciplines including chiropractic, nutrition, massage, and therapeutic exercise. A knowledgeable alternative medicine doctor recognizes that empowering others through health coaching and personal instruction will lay the cornerstones of lifelong well-being.

Benefits of an Alternative Medicine Doctor

In the United States, 38 percent of adults (about 4 in 10) and approximately 12 percent of children (about 1 in 9) are using some form of alternative medicine to support their health.

The majority use these natural therapies are for musculoskeletal problems such as back, neck, or joint pain.

Alternative medicine doctors offer a variety of natural options for the path to optimal wellness including:

  • Chiropractic care offers a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that facilitates the healing process and alleviates pain and discomfort for many conditions
  • Nutritional Analysis done by a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist provides an evaluation to determine how to restore your natural health and vitality
  • Therapeutic Exercise directed by an alternative medicine doctor can increase energy, improve mental focus and promote overall wellness

Benefits of Health Coaching

Health coaching provides guidance to individuals wishing to improve overall health. The most effective coaching techniques come from licensed and certified practitioners.

  • Alternative medicine health coaches work with the whole person including mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually
  • Health coaches facilitate behavior change in a structured, supportive process
  • Wellness coaches will help you to identify obstacles to overcome and create strategies for behavioral changes

Exceptional Care

At Brooklyn Integrative Health Care, in Bay Ridge, New York, we offer a combination of services that benefit the mind and the body to help create vitality, balance, good health, and alleviate pain. Dr. Huml is both a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist and chiropractor, and a member of the American Chiropractor Association (ACA) with over 30 years in practice.

If you are searching for a skilled alternative medicine doctor that offers superior health coaching, choose Brooklyn Integrative Health Care. We are committed to providing natural health solutions to obtain the maximum quality of life. Plus, we offer the best massage in Brooklyn!

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