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The Lack of Health Causes Diseases

However, the medical concept is that disease causes a lack of health. Consequently, medicine treats disease. We in this office, as natural health care practitioners, treat the cause of the lack of health. Chiropractic specifically treats one of the leading causes of lack of health that is nerve irritation, or nerve interference, which is termed "subluxation".

Chiropractic is not an "alternative" to medical care because alternative means a different way of doing the same thing. Medical care and treatment of symptoms can hold an important place in our health-care system. However, unless the underlying weaknesses and predispositions to the lack of health are addressed you will only be chasing symptoms and not strengthening your immune system and your healing ability. Please give careful consideration to the following items:

o    The body is a self healing organism. If you cut yourself you do not have to think about the cut healing. It just heals by itself! The only time a cut does not heal itself is if there is something interfering with the normal healing process. Sometimes there is dirt or bacteria in the cut, which needs to be removed first. Remove the dirt or bacteria and the cut will heal. Sometimes the cut is open too wide. In that case it needs to be closed with stitches or a bandage. The cut will then heal on its own. We are programmed to heal. The only time we do not heal is when something is in the way of the healing process. Remove what is in the way, and our body is designed to heal by itself.

o    The nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions in the body. Everything we see and feel, all the organs in the body, our ability to walk and move, are all controlled by our nervous system. It is the master communications system of the body. It allows our body to both tell it what to do, and to understand what is happening to it. The nervous system is the first thing that forms in the developing embryo because its job is to tell the rest of the developing body what to do.

The most common and epidemic reason for the body not to be able to heal itself is caused by vertebral subluxations.

There are four major vectors of stress that all impact in the nervous system negatively. The resultant major effect is an irritation to the nervous system that shows up as subluxations, the number 1 cause of continued dysfunction leading toward disease.

     o    Mental or emotional stress

     o    Physical or structural stress

     o    Chemical or nutritional stress

     o    Electric magnetic stress

o    The Doctor of chiropractic is the only health care specialist who focuses their attention on locating and removing the nerve interference that our body gets when we are exposed to any of the four major vectors of stress.

o    Chiropractic is not a treatment as much as it is a lifestyle that someone chooses to participate in for the rest of his or her life (or the best of their life).

     o    Just as you decide to eat well, exercise, and think positive thoughts, chiropractic care, with its ability to reduce the irritation to your nervous system allowing your brain to communicate in a clearer manner with the rest of your body, is incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. This allows for the consistent unwinding of the negative effects of stress on our bodies. When there is no more stress in your life (ha ha), then you won't need chiropractic care anymore.

o    Chiropractors honor and work with the body's innate wisdom to heal.

NOT A LUXURY! To consistently have the nerve irritation to your body reduced on a regular basis, slowing down spinal decay, increasing your body's innate ability to heal itself is not a luxury in today's world. It is literally a matter of increasing your life energy, slowing down the aging process, allowing your body to express itself to its fullest capacity. It is literally a life and death choice. Refer you family and friends to get evaluated to see if they have what can often be the silent negative effects of nerve irritation.


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