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Success Stories

We at Brooklyn Integrative Health Care value our patients. Below are some of the success stories that they have shared with us:

Karen Hughes - happy "8 Weeks to Wellness" warrior!

"It's amazing what a few small changes can do for me in a short time" .

Joseph McCauley

I can't express how much relief I feel, not only physically since Dr. Hummel eliminated my excruciating back pain, but mentally knowing that there is someone I can rely on to help me through these times of pain. I am so motivated now to move forward and better my life I can't thank him and his staff enough. 

Maria Lan
I had a rash on my chest for over four years. I had been seeing different dermatologists with no change. I also had fungus on my toe nails. When I came in to see Dr. Huml and went with a vitamin and body cleanse the rash disappeared by 80% in one month and my toe nails are new and healthy.
Also, I have less hair loss with combing within this four week time period. My skin and hands are not as dry. I am also more energetic. "I think Dr. Huml is the greatest. He has changed my lifestyle and health. I have learned what I should and shouldn't put in my body."

Jeanie Fried

Dear Dr. Huml:
Thanks for saving my husband! I know that sounds dramatic, but it is also true. Here's what happened: one day my husband, Ted, had a high fever with no other symptoms. Ordinarily with such a fever he would have stayed in bed, but for some reason he just couldn't. He was very restless and couldn't stay still.
Of course, we went to the MD but nobody could figure out what was wrong even after many tests. Finally, his internist decided to test his thyroid and found it to be very overactive. He was immediately sent to an endocrinologist who did his own testing and low and behold everyone agreed that his thyroid was overactive and it had to be removed immediately either surgically or chemically. An appointment was made for him pushing him in before other patients because this was so serious.
I always feel that surgery should be the last resort, but here were our doctor and specialist both urging us to go for it because if Ted didn't, it could cause trouble with his heart.
Luckily I decided to call you, Dr. Huml, to ask your advice. I say luckily because nobody ever tells you the consequences of this procedure until its too late and you have already done it. Nobody told Ted that he would be on medication every day for the rest of his life. Nobody told him that he would have to be monitored continuously and his dosage would constantly had to be altered according to test results. Nobody told him that he would probably never be himself again and certainly never be free of doctors again. Forget about your annual check-up and see you next year.
Dr. Huml gave Ted a very specific list of ordinary foods to eat to help heal him and to lower the thyroid's cavity, and also foods to avoid. He gave him a couple of vitamins to take and within one month, over the medical doctors loud objections, Ted was back to himself. Of course, we went for a check-up when the month was up. The doctors were amazed at how well he was doing, but explained that the thyroid tests must have been wrong. He never had a thyroid problem in the first place, was their explanation.
Since then, Dr. Huml, you have helped many other members of my family and friends to better health and you are now in the process of treating my granddaughter's curvature of the spine. Her doctor told her: "We have to wait and watch it, there is nothing that can be done until it gets bad enough either for a brace (a brace is fitted on the entire torso and must be worn 23 hours a day!), or until it requires spinal surgery. I'm sure there are times when surgery cannot be avoided, but thank you Dr. Huml for the times you helped us with a much better alternative.
Our entire family feels indebted to you for the wonderful health advice and treatment you have given us.

Rosa Asilopoulso

Health Condition: Consisted mostly of gastrointestinal problems, including digestion, absorption, and elimination. I felt tired and weak all the time despite my best efforts to help myself.
Comments: I have been from doctor to doctor, some helpful. Others ordering tests that showed nothing was wrong with me. With Dr. Huml I have experienced relief from my health conditions. Through his compassionate and knowledgeable demeanor, I was able to understand how my nutrition and emotional wellbeing affect my overall health. Through the treatments I have received, I feel better and have hope to continue to improve. Finally, the Dr's helpful friendly staff has made my experience a pleasurable one.

Christopher Ha

Health Condition: Before coming to see Dr. Huml, I had discomfort in my lower back and neck problems. What caused headaches that basically incapacitated me from normally healthy function. These headaches were occurring often (about two to three times a week).
Comments: After seeing Dr. Huml for about three months, my lower back discomfort is hardly noticeable and my headaches have been reduced to almost none a week. I'm sleeping better, more alert, & energetic that I used to be. As a side note, I'm also learning about my body, learning what is supposed to feel right & healthy, & especially with my back and neck.

Stephen Garron

Dear Dr. Huml,
I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me over the last decade. You helped me with chiropractic and nutritional counseling. Your expertise helped me deal with my problems so I can avoid prescription medication.
In my opinion, you went way beyond the call of duty to help me deal with my problems. I am very grateful for that and to have you as my Doctor. It's great to k now that that there are Doctors that take pride and care in their practice. I wish every Doctor could be like you. You're a class act!
Thanks again,

Phillip Fitzpatrick

Health Condition: Twenty years ago I underwent surgery and had several disks fused in my lower back. I was constantly plagued with lower back pain and spasms that I was forced to select this surgery as the treatment of last resort. Fortunately, the operation was a major success and I was able to get on with my life although I sought out chiropractors when I experienced occasional discomfort.
Comments: Recently, however, I though my luck had run out. I had included some new physical exercises in the floor work I do and I'm afraid I was too exuberant because I felt sharp pains in my back a few days later. I was hoping I could "work it out" but the pain only got worse. I knew I needed professional help. My daughter knew exactly whom I should see because Nicole had been a patient of Dr. Huml while she was living here. After reviewing my x-rays and the results of a computerized system, which displays the location of specific trauma areas in the back, Dr, Huml proclaimed the treatment necessary to restore my back to gym health. I kept all my appointments and noticed positive results almost immediately. As of this writing, I am fully recovered and happy to have been under his care.

Helen Albanese

I've recently returned to your care after an absence of approximately 16 years. I have to say that it wasn't displeasure with your medical services, staff or lack of personal interest in providing good quality care.
I had been in a car accident with crippling injuries. There were several surgeries on my head and eyes and dental problems related to the accident. It was five years before I attempted to re-enter the world. Listing all my injuries would take up most of this page.
I rehabilitated well, regained the use of both my hands, legs, and eyes. I could walk unassisted and eventually the palsy in my face reversed after the head surgery. Although I have damage to my optic nerve, the surgeries repaired my eyes completely.
The lasting injuries were the ones that woke me in the middle of the night. Most times I woke from a nightmare but soon I came to realize it was the pain that was not letting me sleep.
In the mornings I was numb form the shoulders to my hands. Since some of my injuries involved a broken neck, my ribs and hand, ruptured bursa in my shoulder and hip, it wasn't any wonder that I would have these problems. I learned to live with the pain and the limitations in my mobility.
There were times I thought of coming in for car, you had always been able to take care of my aches and pains in the past. What kept me from coming back was that I couldn't deal with not being able to "get better". The experts had told me I had peaked in my rehabilitation.
The experts were a neurosurgeon, an endocrinologist, and a neuro-opthamologist. I had one test that caused me so much pain that I couldn't bear going to another doctor for months after. The test was to confirm that I have nerve damage that left me hyper-stimulated and overly sensitized to pain.
Finally, when my sleep was so interrupted it interfered with my work and my hands were not only numb in the morning but sometimes also in the evenings, I came back to you for help.
It's been about four months and I can only come in weekly because of my workload, but I am sleeping through the night again free of nightmares, free from pain, no longer waking up numb in the morning. I have regained sensation in both my hands, food and most of my leg. My balance had re-shifted to center again. my neck is moving more naturally, I'm walking straighter.
Although I find the manipulation to my neck and back uncomfortable leaving me feeling at times nauseated, I am greatly improved. The discomfort isn't bad as the initial treatments were and I look forward to my weekly adjustments/manipulation. I feel as if each one is bringing back more of what I had lost all these years.
I'd like to think of myself as on my way to a cure for my problems but I know that isn't realistic.
What is realistic is looking forward to a healthy and whole future pain free and being able to sleep through the nights.
That I can definitely see in my future now. Thank you Dr. Huml and staff !


Comments: Dr. Huml has been instrumental in leading me to a healthier lifestyle. Over the past 12 years, as a present of Dr. Huml, my health has been dramatically improved through his patience, care, and ability to solve health problems with his advanced and current techniques and treatments. I also appreciate his honesty.

Ann Cary

Health condition: back pain, sciatica
Comments: My name is Ann & I'm 75 years old. In March 2002, I decided to take a walk. After I reached my second block, my back started to ache. Within the next 4 blocks, I was in intense pain. Went to my Doctor and he sent my for a barrage of tests, but couldn't find out the cause. I tried physical therapy, pain medication, acupuncture… no improvement. Finally, I went for an MRI and I was diagnosed with a bulging disk. More physical therapy. No help. Finally I went o Dr. Huml. Like most people my age, I didn't trust chiropractors. Well, within 2 ½ months my sciatica is gone, my back had improved 75%. After being housebound for 2 years, my quality of life is improving.
Thank you Dr. Huml

Eneida Cordero

Health condition: Severe leg pain (sciatica) for months.
Comments: I would like to thank you, so much for helping me, when I really needed help. I was in severe pain, couldn't walk or sit. As adjustments were made, I felt better and happier. Dr. Huml is a very nice person and made me feel very comfortable. Now I feel great, and feel like Dr. Huml and the staff is part of my family. Thank you so much!

Shirley Tuccillo

Health Condition: I complained to Dr. Huml about my morning backaches- I couldn't straighten up and felt like I as crawling to the bathroom- as hey should in the cartoons!
Comments: He put me on the modified Elimination Diet. By the 4th day the back pain as gone. As I stayed on the diet, I began to notice something else- I was losing weight! I didn't really feel like I was on a diet as nothing was said about amounts, so I was in the beginning eating 5 times a day. I had wanted to weigh 125, but had gotten up to 143- the weight kept going down and stopped at 125 here it stays (these figures are from my scale) regardless of how much I eat as long as its on the list. This has held for over a year & a half.

Brant Thomas

Health conditions: severe breathing difficulty and sinus discomfort
Comments: Dr Huml was able to determine that I was allergic to certain foods. I had no idea I was allergic to my favorite foods, i.e., mozzarella cheese, milk, ice cream, garlic, peanut butter, and shrimps. As a result of eating such tings, I had tremendous problems breathing, i.e., I could not take a deep breath. Also, my nasal passages would swell and close somewhat limiting breathing through my nostrils. The feeling was worse if I ate my favorite Italian meal- Shrimp Parmesan, with vanilla ice cream for dessert. In addition to the breathing problem, my sinuses would hurt. I walked around most of the day with, what felt like, a softball size mass of congestion behind my nose. it felt like someone hit me in the head with a sledgehammer- that's how bad it was. I was irritable, short with people, couldn't think clearly, etc.

Joseph Dietz

Health condition: I have been diagnosed was having spurs developing on my spinal column. Making periodic visits to the chiropractor, he has been able to correct the forming of the spurs.
Comments: My Aunt went to a chiropractor back in the 1930's an all her life. She died at 104 years of age. Despite her age she was never sickly or feeble. Her husband, son, and two daughters had health problems and died in their 40's and 60's. They did not believe in the chiropractic treatments.
Dr. Huml is also a nutritionist. He had educated me in the importance of eating the right foods.

Bess Caplan

Dear Dr. Huml,
Thanks a million for helping me with the diagnosis and management of my hypoglycemic condition. Hoping to help other patients who may now be suffering from Hypoglycemia, I'd like to outline my unfortunate experience prior to identifying the cause of my distress. ?
Dear Patients:
Back in the spring of 1995, I was experiencing severe vertigo, severe anxiety, severe exhaustion, visual disturbances, headache, weakness, shakiness, insomnia, sugar cravings, etc. and felt in my heart that these symptoms were due to unstable blood sugar levels.
I consulted with my primary physician. I had a complete physical exam and a basic blood chemistry test. The doctor reported to me that:
• He can find no cause for my symptoms
• If I was truly hypoglycemic, I might try to eat a cracker and I could feel better in 10 minutes
• I should keep track of my blood sugar levels and inform him of the numbers (nothing less than 38 would impress him-Note: I had access to a blood glucose testing machine at home)
• I persisted in asking the good doctor to let me take a 5 hour Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)- His response, "It's not warranted. Your fasting blood sugar is 75. That's normal"
• He insisted that I might be suffering from Vertigo due to a middle ear imbalance and off I went to a reputable Ear Nose and Throat physician
• Results were normal in this regard
• He then recommended I see a neurologist. I had many visits with the Neurologist. All test were normal including MRI
• Well, that did it. My doctor insisted I should consider Psychotherapy.
• Visited a psychiatrist (once) and he prescribed anti-depressants with the approval of my primary care physician.
All the while,I'm feeling horrible, angry and frightened of these symptoms. I could barely function and had been out of work for almost 3 months. Fortunately, I called Dr. Huml who immediately agreed to let me take the GTT. He was already convinced that I was right about the diagnosis but he wanted to see the numbers. What a surprise we both were in for. The test revealed that iw as borderline diabetic and hyposlycemic (big time!!!!)
Immediately, Dr. Huml placed me on vitamins, minerals, Chinese herbs, glucose stabilizers, pantathene, etc, and I worked closely with him and his nutritionist, Irene Oswald. my diet was monitored carefully. I kept a log of every morsel that I consumed and through trail and error, (and time) I began to feel better and was able to return to work.
PS. Sugar is not even an option- I just went through Halloween without candy corn and survived!

Michael DiIorio

Health condition: old age/de-conditioning and Parkinson's
comments: Prior to my therapy I had difficulty with gait, difficulty raising from a sitting position and overall muscle rigidity.
The treatments have helped enormously in muscle tone and flexibility. I am now able to move more freely and comfortably. Evan my friends have noticed the difference.

Katie Nemiro

Health Condition: severe migraine head aches!
Comments: For nearly 5 years I've had severe migraine headaches. They were so bad I literally could not function. I just wanted to sit in a dark corner sand blow my brains out. I couldn't concentrate in class, my vision was blur and at times I could not even walk! Nothing helped. I was hooked on taking alive every day 4-5 a day! I've gone to 2 doctors who just gave me more drugs. that didn't help either. I've started working here for Dr. Huml in Jan. of '02 and ever since my first bio-cranial my head aches have not come back! No drugs- just bio-cranial!

"Angels' Wish List for Moms"

Dr. Donald Huml of Huml Integrated Health Care organized the "Angels' Wish List for the Moms" at the Center Against Domestic Violence emergency shelter.
Since most of their belongings have been left behind when they fled from their abusers, the 15 mothers need to set up new homes.
Donations of new items such as linens, beds-in-a-bag sets, towel sets, microwave ovens, glasses, dishes, pots, and pans, vacuums, art work, CD players, etc. will help to start over.

Gregory J. Ahl
Health Condition: I have had carpel tunnel syndrome for about ten years. The pain has gotten so bad that I could not get a good night's sleep, so I made an appointment for surgery.
Comments: Just a week before the surgery, I stopped in to see Dr. Don Huml. In just two visits, he completely removed the pain that was keeping me up at night. IN short order, the numbness was slowly going away. Now, three months later, I'm 95% recovered without any surgery, pain killers, or anti-inflammatory medication.
This does not surprise me. I first visited Dr. Don in 1980. I had a neck and lower back injury from a bad accident. The M.D's told me to get used to the limitations as the damage was permanent and continue taking my pills. Dr. Don would not accept this diagnosis. After being under his care, I no longer need pills and have no limitations in my life. Thanks Don!!!
One of the reasons I like Dr. Don is his positive frame of mind. He is always ready and willing to help. His optimism is so strong it becomes contagious.

Michael Zarouni

Health conditions: Severe back spasm and weak knee and leg muscles: I am writing in behalf of my father who was suffering with an extremely painful back condition and was very unsteady on his legs. He had fallen on several occasions in the house to the point where he was becoming immobilized and wasn't able to get out of the house and do the things he always enjoyed doing. He then decided in January 2004, to receive treatment from Dr. Huml.
Comments: Dr. Huml's treatment has consisted of a combination of many different alternative approaches. Along with adjustments, he utilizes gentle massage, heat treatment, acupressure and various muscle strengthening exercises. Dad no longer is in intense back pain and has been improving as far as feeling stronger and steadier on his legs. Most importantly, he is able to get out and walk around without the fear of constantly falling!
Dr. Huml is a dedicated, and caring doctor who gives his patients the incentive to feel well again and to lead a healthier more active lifestyle. Many thanks to Dr. Huml and his warm and caring staff. Be well.

Catherine Franion-Mucci

Health Condition: My thyroid had been irradiated in June 2004, Six months later, I was experiencing so many symptoms particularly weakness and vertigo. I came so see Dr. Huml, as I have known him for 20 years.
Comments: Dr. Huml began biocranial therapy with me, within weeks I began to see tremendous results. I began to feel stronger. The vertigo abated. My well-being level began to return. Dr. Huml not only supported me physically, but emotionally as well. I can't count how many times he has made me laugh & feel cared for and about. His staff is without compare. My heart is continuing to improve and I look forward to my visits to his office. It's like visiting your best friends.

Mitchell Meister

Health Condition: Lower back lumbar and bulging L4, L5, and S1 discs.
Comments: I have had this problem since my forties. I am very active and I play pool. I walk around the Bay Ridge area around Shore Road. I go to the gym often and my profession as a hairsylist requires me to be on my feet and theses activities can give me bad back spasms. Being athletic all of my life, I know how hard I can push myself. I came to Dr. Huml having had a series of two shots in each disc to relieve some of the pain. In just two visits of coming to see him and doing his exercise and breathing techniques, I was able to go about my daily life and activities. He is a very special healer. He has the patience of a saint and is very technical. His staff is wonderful too.


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