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Work Related Injuries

Finding Pain Relief from Auto Accident and Work Related Injuries

Auto accident injuries, as well as work related injuries, can be the source of significant pain. They may lead to a temporary inability to live your life as you did before.  This type of pain and disability will not only take you off the job for a period of time, but it is likely to reduce your overall quality of life.

A qualified chiropractor can help reduce and relieve the debilitating results of injuries that occur at work or from a vehicle accident.

Whiplash: A Common Result of Work and Auto Accident Injuries

The neck often suffers the worst damage in a car accident. When a sudden collision or other jolt forces your head violently forward and back again, a condition called whiplash often results. Whiplash, characterized by spinal misalignment and strained or torn muscles, can leave you with agonizing neck pain, back pain, and stiffness.

Whiplash can also occur from falls, sports injuries, work related injuries and other incidents. The symptoms can appear up to 48 hours after the injury.

In these cases, a complete spine and musculoskeletal system examination should be done to determine the extent of the problem. Whiplash is a unique condition that requires the expertise of a skilled health professional specially trained to work with these types of injuries.  The most effective treatment for whiplash injuries is a combination of chiropractic care and rehabilitation of the soft tissues.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

Research supports the use of chiropractic care in cases of whiplash. A major published study clearly demonstrated that chiropractic treatment benefited 93 percent of patients suffering from chronic whiplash syndrome.

Experience Counts

At Brooklyn Integrative Health Center we can perform chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression or other techniques as needed to restore your correct spinal and disc alignment for speedier healing and drug-free pain relief.

We have extensive experience with situations that cause work related injuries as well as auto accident injuries. Dr. Huml is both a licensed chiropractor and nutritionist, and a member of the American Chiropractor Association (ACA) with over 30 years in practice. Our gentle, non-invasive techniques provide natural pain relief and healing.

If you are experiencing pain from a work related injury or auto accident injury, call our clinic to make an appointment at 718-748-6644 or email us at today! We are committed to providing natural health solutions to obtain the maximum quality of life. Plus, we offer the best massage in Brooklyn to bring relief and reduce soreness and discomfort.


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